MEDAL Investors will receive additional profile and benefits in association with this event: before, during and after the event. Such benefits can include advertising, training opportunities, advisory groups along with more traditional marketing benefits.

Level of Investments

Platinum Medal minimum of Rs 25,00,000
Gold Medal minimum of Rs 15,00,000
Silver Medal minimum of Rs 10,00,000
Sponsorship of Session – Rs 5,00,000
Sponsorship for stall – Rs 2,00,000
The Scientific Committee will prepare a ‘topic shopping list’ from which the companies can make a selection and propose the Chairman for the Sponsored Sessions. The Scientific Committee will review the topic and Chairman and give their approval or remarks. Alternatively speakers can be sponsored. The cost of a speaker’s attendance should be covered by an educational grant. Rs 200000/-

The level of investment making up the entry levels can consist of marketing opportunities in this prospectus or other opportunities the investing company may wish to offer opportunities.

Exhibiting should be fun, proactive and commercially beneficial. We would like to encourage participating companies to contact the Organizers well in advance to discuss what they need to achieve and how they would like to achieve it. Please inform the Organizers of your initiatives in order to achieve maximum publicity.


APCC will provide all sponsors with excellent opportunities to promote their products and services to more than 300 participants from all around the Asia. The sponsors will have maximal benefits from exhibitions, marketing activities, and communications with participants during the meeting. As below, all sponsors will have benefits from package programs of sponsorship for SEPSIS Congress 2019.


Benefits for package sponsorship include;
Exhibition booth space, grant as a co-sponsor or invitation to the official banquet/ social program, advertisement in the official publications and Web site, complimentary registrations, acknowledgement, full participants’ list, leaflet insert in the congress bag, etc.
Some of the benefits stated above are only for Platinum Sponsors, and additional item
sponsorship programs are available at a discounted rate according to the sponsorship level - Sponsorship level can be upgraded if a total amount of contribution including optional items exceeds the minimum criteria of upper level.

For benefit items which could be allowed for limited sponsors, allocation will be done by first-come-first-served basis.

Terms and Condition

All Payments are to be made by Demand Draft drawn in favour of ”Asia Pacific Critical Care" .

100 % of the amount of Sponsorship has to be paid at the time of booking,

  • The Organizers reserves the rigt to modify the size or change the floor plan of location at any time or even cancel any sponsorship without assigning any reason thereof.
  • Sponsorships will be allocated on first cum first serve basis after the draft for the booking amount encashed.
  • The Sponsors must occupy and arrange their respective space by the stipulated time given by the Organizers, failing which the organizers has the right to take action as they deem fit.
  • The sponsors must not cause any damage to the walls, panels and other areas inside the halls by use of paint, nails tapes or any other similar objects. In the case of any such damage, the sponsor will have to indemnify the Organizers for the same
  • The sponsors must keep their areas clean and allowed to litter any garbage in the common areas. They must use bins to collect the garbage and store it separately for disposal.
  • No projections outside the allotted area will be permitted. The Organizers will be at liberty to remove such encroachments or projections at cost to be borne by the sponsor.
  • No separate storage facilities shall be provided. All sponsors are required to make their own arrangements towards the same.
  • Sponsorship is NON TRANSFERABLE.
  • The Organizers reserves the right to change the venue and date of the conference in unavoidable circumstances
  • The Organizers shall in no way be responsible for any tax liability if the sponsors undertake any sale/booking transaction.
  • Microphone or promotional activities hindering disturbing other sponsors will not be permitted.
  • The number of representatives at the conference venue will be limited, depending on the extent and area of sponsorship, to be decided by the Organizing Committee.
  • All Legal Disputes are subject to Delhi & NCR Jurisdiction.
  • The stall will have 2/3 side walls , lighting arrangements / one table / two chairs ( big stalls have double quantity )/ carpet .
  • General security be provided round the clock, but individual sponsor is required to take adequate measures in their own interest for their stalls and belongings. The organizers will not take responsibility for any loss or damage incurred during the conference.